We Believe in the Power of Tech to Elevate Working Dog Performance

DogBase is centered on a shared belief in technology to systematically drive high-performance working dogs. Our platform is centered on frictionless logging, tracking, and making AI-driven improvements.

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Empowering you to unleash the full potential of your working dog by enhancing their capabilities

Designed for dog handlers, trainers and K9 teams, DogBase empowers you to get the most out of every session. Through measurable data analytics, performance-driven reports and artificial intelligence, make progress in the field, identify trends, and set meaningful goals on the path to success.

Cloud Based Logging

Cloud-Based Logging

Log the full spectrum of training types by inputting your training sessions with a simple user experience. Logging new entries take just a few clicks. Enter and view data from anywhere through cloud access on the web and mobile.


Meticulous Tracking

Access comprehensive reports and data analytics to track your dog’s training over time. Easily monitor progress through stunning charts and graphs.

Meticulous Tracking
Tangible Improvements

Tangible Improvements

Leverage powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prevent "trainers blind" from measuring your success with confidence to redefining working dogs' interactions and training. Save personnel hours while honing in on your working dog's weaknesses.

Tangible Improvements

Multi-Purpose Effectiveness

DogBase offers a streamlined path to performance for a broad spectrum of working dogs. All the while, dog handlers, and K9 teams can transform insight into action. DogBase was founded by former special forces members.

Seamless intergrations

Access highly-relevant features with seamless integrations

Discover critical integrations such as weather data, weather alerts, terrain, GPS location, and GPS tracking (with opt-in user consent).

Team Management

The entirety of your teams, all in one place

Access our team management dashboards for high-level oversight.


Take your data where you need it when you need it

Leverage exportable reports for improved accountability.

Peace of Mind through Stringent Security

DogBase features strict security protocols for absolute data privacy. Ultimately, it is your data. In turn, SAR teams, military, and government organizations can carry out their training with elevated peace of mind.

Revolutionizing the Future of Training for Working Dogs

By bridging the gaps between data, AI, and cloud centralization, DogBase is raising the bar for traditional working dog training, driving faster results for every session.

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Trusted by Cross-Discipline Trainers

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From air scent, disasters, tracking searches, and avalanches to human remains, DogBase supports all search and rescue units.
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Professional Dog Sports

Drive better performance in your sort and build online communities with effective audience communication.
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DogBase offers enterprise offerings and custom "training types" for military special forces, police, customs, and government entities.
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Private Use Cases

From service dog training and therapy dogs to medical bio-detection, were here for you.
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Industry Standard

From conservation, pipeline detection, bio, necrotic detection, fitness training, and more, DogBase training types have you covered.
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Private Companies

Get custom "training types," custom enterprise offerings, and total team management.

Automatically-Calculated Insights

Save time while reorienting your focus on what matters most: your training sessions. DogBase uses automatic calculations based on your inputs to generate actionable insights, holistic reports, and value-adding AI recommendations.

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