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Our Story

Founded by Almog Koren, a SAR dog handler, competitive dog sports participant, and former military member, DogBase is rooted in lived experiences and centered on a passion for K9 training. With the joint efforts of Ordan Gilboa, co-founder, and former military member, DogBase is on track to elevate the potential of working dogs on a global scale

As a platform, DogBase is committed to transparency through easy-to-use dashboards, accuracy through real-time inputs, and efficiency through time-saving, AI-generated reports and recommendations. Every feature is designed for the highest-possible relevance for optimal performance.

DogBase was developed to complement existing workflows, providing an affordable way to drive the highest working dog performance. The platform was crafted by software development experts who believe in a simple user experience with unmatched security.

Echo SAR
Army Dog
Almog and Ordan
Echo - Belgian Malinois
Echo SAR
Army Dog
Almog and Ordan
Echo - Belgian Malinois

My Journey

As a SAR K9 handler, competitive dog sports participant, and former military member, my decision to start DogBase may seem like second nature. Beneath the surface, however, is a story of hardship and hope.

My journey began when I was diagnosed with life-threatening kidney failure. As my kidneys shut down, my future was hanging in the balance. It was during my dialysis treatments that I got Echo, a puppy I would train as my service dog. 

During these trying times, I grew a deeper sense of respect and admiration for the amazing abilities of working dogs. As I continued to train Echo for SAR missions, I began paying closer attention to the bigger picture behind working dog training. The lack of performance-driven technology within the space inspired me to start DogBase alongside my co-founder Ordan, a long-time friend who supported me in my time of need.

As I reflect on my journey and the kidney transplant that saved my life, I am inspired by the incredible potential of working dogs across specialties. Now, I’m committed to transforming the future of working dog training for the better.

Almog Koren Sigature

Almog & Echo Training

Meet the Founders

DogBase was founded from a passion for elevated working dog performance and a commitment to filling a critical gap in the market. After years of relying on paper logs, cumbersome excel sheets, and cobbled tech stacks, founder Almog decided to combine his product development and UI/UX experience into a customer-centric platform. Now, DogBase is on track to redefine how global dog handlers and K9 teams worldwide drive performance.
Almog Koren

Almog Koren

Founder & CEO

As a dedicated tech geek, 15-year software engineer, and two-time startup founder, Almog was no stranger to the ever-changing digital landscape. Coupled with his passion for competitive dog sports and experience with SAR dog handling, he recognized the pivotal gap between technology and working dog performance. His inspiration to found DogBase was rooted in his commitment to problem-solving and serving others, two principles he had embraced during his time in the military. Today, he puts his expertise as both a developer and leader into motion through DogBase.

Ordan Gilboa

Ordan Gilboa

Co-Founder & COO

With hands-on startup and business administration experience founding two successful companies, Ordan was ready to pursue a new venture centered on his passion for dogs and the people who depend on them. All the while, he is inspired by guiding individuals and teams toward growth. As the Co-Founder and COO of DogBase, he combines the leadership experience he gained during his time in the IDF  with his project planning, management, and execution know-how. His efforts are instrumental in furthering DogBase’s mission.


We believe in the power of technology to make a meaningful positive impact on working dog performance.


We strive to support your working dog’s progress, raising the bar for what’s possible with an emphasis on seamless usability.

Customer Centric

Our strategy and our culture of doing business are focused on creating the best experience for the customers.

Data Integrity

Committed to the integrity of your information, we ensure that your data is yours alone while providing absolute security at every step.


We actively seek ways to enhance the health of working dogs and handlers while providing positive impact by doing good in the community

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