Why DogBase?

Discover key advantages of our platform. There’s a reason dog handlers and K9 teams on the global stage are switching from paper logs, cumbersome excel sheets, and cobbled tech stacks to DogBase.

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The Features You Need with Unmatched Cost-Effectiveness

With DogBase, you can add inputs in the field and the office. All the while, you can manage your entire team in one place. DogBase is accessible through a secure cloud on the web and mobile.

Every Detail Considered

From real-time notifications so you can stay up-to-date, segmented insight for targeted analytics, regular platform updates, and support to having training sessions broken down by discipline.
Notifications and Alerts

Scalable Training Management

Manage entire teams while keeping trainers and dog handlers on the same page. See key insights such as training time, personnel, working dogs, progress, and more, all in one place.
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Absolute Training Compliance

Stay compliant with all local, regional, and national training requirements through meticulous digital record keeping. All the while, you can access the entirety of your data in just a few clicks.
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Expanding Features

DogBase’s growing list of features is automatically pushed out to users and includes calendar integrations, intuitive dashboards, GPS tracking, weather alerts, shareable reports, and more.
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Supporting the Full Spectrum
of Training

DogBase in Action

DogBase in Action

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High-Risk Scenarios

For high-risk scenarios such as detecting narcotics, firearms, and explosives, DogBase enables dog handlers and K9 teams to streamline their progress on the path to field-ready working dogs.
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Dog Trainers

Whether you are doing service dog training, dog sports, or offering client-based dog training, DogBase provides several solutions to help you.
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Industry Standard

From conservation, pipeline detection, bio-detection, fitness training, and more, DogBase offers a clear path to track and improve your training.

Stay Current on Your Working Dog’s Health

DogBase empowers handlers to connect the dots between behavioral changes, vet visits, and wellness. Whether your dog handlers are at your facility or in the field, the cloud-based connectivity of DogBase means they can monitor your dog’s overall health while taking actionable steps toward improvement.

Dog Health

utilizing the smart features of the..

We really see the value of utilizing the smart features of the AI to help us with economizing our efforts in man hours spent training. If the data leads us to optimizing how much time spent is required in certain fields so we can cut training time down whilst maintaining maximum yield, which will allow us to focus on our weaker areas and also getting guys on leave as much as possible, not to mention the cost benefit association of reducing the man hours would be astronomical.

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DogBase’s Training Types Include:

Drug Detection


Seeking out explosives, narcotics, and more to protect your forces and prevent illegal activity.
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Fitness & Obedience

Keeping your working dog at peak performance for activities requiring strength and endurance.
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Patrol Protection

Improving the ability to detect and discourage attacks on your forces and facilities.
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Search & Rescue

Supporting life-saving training through the full spectrum of terrains and survival situations.
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Service Dogs

Driving greater patience and disability-related specialization for working dogs.
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Professional Dog Sports

Accelerating dog sports and discipline of performance-dependent working dogs.

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