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K9 SAR NSDA Multi-Discipline Field Seminar

K9 SAR NSDA Multi-Discipline Field Seminar


The National Search Dog Alliance is a community of K-9 handlers committed to sharing ideas, training, and experiences. NSDA is proud to host periodic seminars and workshops with the intent of bringing in new ideas and training opportunities. The goals are to offer canine handlers from across the country an opportunity to train under experts in the field, develop their skills as searchers, and better the K-9 team who in turn make a positive difference in service to their communities. Whether you are building a foundation for your wilderness dog, preparing for certification, or focusing on advancing your skills for deployment, we welcome you to join us!







 Start Date:

  November 1, 2024

 End Date:

  November 3, 2024

 City, Country:

  Eureka, Montana, United States


  Eureka, MT, USA

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