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North Star International K9 Seminar

North Star International K9 Seminar


NSI K9 strives to provide the most up to date and cutting-edge your go in the K9 search, rescue, and recovery industry. We vet our instructors, to insure that they meet the highest standard, and are knowledgeable in their discipline. Our instructors are chosen, based on experience in training a variety of breeds, as well as being knowledgeable, about the unique needs of the SAR K9 handler. ​ Our class size is limited. We have experimented with a variety of class sizes. We believe the ratio of one instructor to 4 students is the most effective in delivering quality instruction. Our instructors love the opportunity to truly work with a team, rather than being overwhelmed, with huge class sizes, that impair the ability, to offer meaningful instruction to each team. We truly believe that there is more than one way to train a K9, and more than one way to train a K9 team. Our instructors are not asked to deliver instruction according to a method. They are experts at fitting a variety of strategies, to insure the highest possible outcome, for each individual presented to them in their classes. The method they use is the one that works for you and the dog ​






  SAR, K9

 Start Date:

  October 16, 2024

 End Date:

  October 19, 2024

 City, Country:

  Butlerville, IN 47223, USA


  4230 E Administration Dr, Butlerville, IN 47223, United States

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