DogBase Helping Fight Against Domestic Violence

We are excited to announce that Teva Hakelev has been given early access to the DogBase platform to help them prepare dogs to defend women against domestic violence.
Almog Koren
2 min
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Right now, at DogBase, it's pretty much in go-mode; it's all about execution to finally go public (public beta). The team is working nonstop, and we hope to go live in the next couple of weeks; fingers crossed, we still have much to do.

So while our early access program has been amazing and allowed us to work on DogBase without much investor funding, we have very limited spots and time, and the end goal is to offer DogBase to everyone.

Because of that, we are very selective when adding a new customer to the program, but when I meet Adi Hazut, a former IDF special forces canine trainer, and Liran Ben-Tzvi, a therapy dog expert. I had a chance to learn how their company Teva Hakelev (a name meaning 'the nature of a dog' in Hebrew),  prepares dogs to defend women from partners who are no longer living with them but still harass them regularly. The program is endorsed by Israel’s Ministry of National Security as a solution for those with a violent domestic partner.

We had to make more room and give them access to the DogBase Early Access program. You can learn more here -  DogBase Brings Its Disruptive AI Technology to the Fight Against Domestic Violence.

DogBase is centered on a shared belief in technology to systematically drive high-performance working dogs. Our platform is centered on frictionless logging, tracking, and making AI-driven improvements.

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