DogBase Techstars Recap: Turning Potential into Progress

Our DogBase team is excited to announce significant momentum since our time at the Techstars Tech Central Sydney accelerator.
Almog Koren
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Our DogBase team is excited to announce significant momentum since our time at the Techstars Tech Central Sydney accelerator. There, we connected with a full lineup of startup mentors, tech experts, and investors to propel DogBase to the next level. Having secured $120,000 in startup capital through Techstars, we are proud to report significant progress in the months to follow.

Almog Koren CEO & Founder - presenting on stage

Driving Measurable Momentum

Through a combination of angel investors and pre-sales to both a UK military unit and Teva Hakelev training center specializing  in training dogs to be used against domestic violence, we have raised an additional $80,000 for a total of $200K raised to date to continue fueling our mission. We launched the DogBase Team's Web App during Techstars mentor madness. While our early adopters are averaging 9.2 logged trainings sessions and 46.7 minutes of training time within 30 days with over 10,000 minutes logged to date, we are most inspired by their referral activity. That’s because our users are inviting an average of three additional users within 30 days. 

Setting Key Benchmarks

We are eager to continue expanding our focus to the search and rescue, general working dog, and competitive dog sports markets in the coming years. Our Techstars mentors were instrumental in helping us affirm the viability of these markets. Along the way, AI will continue to be instrumental to our efforts. These AI integrations have been noticed on the global stage. As a result, we have been invited to present at the World Police Summit 2024 in a first-ever AI workshop.

Focusing on Actionable Improvements

In the same spirit of continuous improvement we have embraced from the beginning, we consistently seek out and integrate user feedback. Our in-depth data analytics, ease of use in the field, and seamless user interface have garnered especially positive feedback from our growing user base. Meanwhile, our team of full-stack frontend, backend, product, mobile, and ML/AI engineers is committed to embracing user insight to drive improvements. 

Upholding Our Commitment

Thanks to the Techstars team, we have been able to refine our strategies to adopt a system of ongoing progress. We’d like to give special thanks to Kirstin Hunter for her strategic planning experience, Lauren Fong for her key investment acumen,  Jenny Rudd (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) for her pragmatic insight, Simon Scarf (Entrepreneur-in-Residence) for his firsthand expertise with tech platform scaling, and Gwen Masonsong (Operations Associate) for her advisory on internal efficiencies. 

While we are inspired by how far we’ve come, our progress only strengthens our resolve toward revolutionizing dog handlers and K9 teams on the global stage. In turn, we are committed to going above and beyond the expectations of our mentors who have placed their faith in DogBase to support the K9 teams we serve. These include Luke Rix who we greatly appreciate for his expertise in startup scaling, Chio Verastegui for her strategic insight with an emphasis on investing, Ged Mansour for his invaluable perspective on communications, and Coach Leighroy for his wide-spanning expertise in finance, operations, strategy, and beyond.

Reaching a Successful Demo

The path to a seamless demo was truly made possible by the startup mentors, tech experts, and investors we connected with through Techstars. We encourage you to explore our demo day video below as a culmination of our efforts.

Closing Remarks

With optimal working dog health at heart, DogBase is raising the bar for safety and performance. Looking forward, we are eager to continue elevating working dog interactions and performance across industries while striving toward smarter features, easier user experiences, and heightened performance. Thanks to the Techstars team, our trajectory is on the path to global adoption. Together, we can continue to make a difference one K9 at a time. 

DogBase is centered on a shared belief in technology to systematically drive high-performance working dogs. Our platform is centered on frictionless logging, tracking, and making AI-driven improvements.

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