Purina Unleashed Event Wrap Up

DogBase wrap-up for the Purina Unleashed event in Linz, Austria, and our meeting with the IRO Organization
Almog Koren
2 min
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DogBase was selected to present out of more than 150 pet tech startups at the Purina Unleashed event in Linz, Austria. 

I wanted to do a quick wrap-up. First, it's incredible to see Purina create a great event to bring together pet tech startups and help build a community. The pet tech space is just less popular than other tech spaces. And it's great to see Purina take the time and effort to great such a fantastic event. A big shout-out goes @Michael Hurnaus from Tractive for hosting the event and @Kim Bill and the Unleashed Purina team for organizing the event.

The event was terrific, and I had a great time pitching DogBase, but I enjoyed meeting amazing founders and pet startups. There were so many, but a quick shout-out goes to Primoz Gams, founder of Dogs4motion, Tadas Žiemys Co-Founder, Dogo App, and Bekir Genç, Co-Founder of Petopy.

International Rescue Dog Organization

We also met with the IRO Organization (International Rescue Dog Organization), which is much more critical for us. It was great to meet everyone there and have a chance to learn more about such a fantastic organization with a massive impact in the search and rescue space; they had over 100 IRO-certified dogs in Turkey.   

I had an opportunity to present DogBase and demo our product. And how we are looking to bring tech into the space and help working dogs and handlers. It is always great to share our passion for working dogs, especially search and rescue, which I am passionate about and something I do myself.  

If you want to learn more about IRO check out their website. I hope to have more exciting news soon. 

DogBase is centered on a shared belief in technology to systematically drive high-performance working dogs. Our platform is centered on frictionless logging, tracking, and making AI-driven improvements.

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